We are very proud of the level of care and education that we provide at Freshfields Nursery School, and we are as equally proud of our team of professional, dedicated and caring staff. Here are some comments from our parents, past and present:

Oct 2015 - *'Both my daughters have attended Freshfields Nursery School, my youngest still enjoys going and will continue there until she starts school in September 2017. For my oldest daughter, it set her in great stead for starting school, she had a wonderful time in pre school with Freshfields, benefiting from the superb facilities and excellent staff who nurtured her social and educational development. With special thanks particularly to Nicki in Sunflowers for making it such a special time for her. As my youngest daughter worked her way through the classes of her age group, I have always found the staff to be professional, approachable, kind and friendly. I have always been confident in the knowledge that they have my daughter's best interests at heart, helping her to settle in each class. If my children are happy, I am happy and for this reason, I can highly recommend Freshfields! Thank you!'

* Even on the busiest of days your staff have always had time for E. Engaging her in activities that she likes to do but also encouraging her when perhaps the activity of that moment wasn't of her particular choice. E's writing skills are incredible; she has been able to clearly write her name for many months now, she is confident with her letters and can also reliably count beyond 40...Over the past 3 years your staff have helped lay a solid foundation for E in terms of her early years education, but also and as equally important your teams have helped E develop her social skills to become the confident, sociable, well mannered, caring and sometimes mischievous little girl that she is today, and for all of that, I will always be thankful.

* The experience has been amazing - your care, support and teaching has developed them into bright, confident, interesting and interested girls with good manners and a great sense of fun. Freshfields Nursery is a very unique place and has provided the girls with a great pre-school grounding in a warm and loving environment, with top level and professional service. Please pass on all our best wishes and thanks to all members of your team, of which you should be very proud. The nursery will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

* We would like to thank you for the incredible care and attention that G receives at Freshfields. He thoroughly enjoys his time and we are extremely satisfied with all that you do there. After a shy start S has given confidence and we feel that she has inspired him to want to want to learn and made him keen to come to Freshfields...We will remember with gratitude how fast  you have brought him on and for the kindness and support of the staff at Freshfields.

* I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making M's time with you very enjoyable. Over the last 2 years she has loved coming to nursery and I have watched as my daughter has grown into an accomplished, confident little girl'.

* May I take this opportunity to tell you what an amazing time J has had at Freshfields Nursery. He has had many wonderful experiences and made lots of friends. The staff have been fantastic right through from T, H and J in class 3 to S, H and S in Green room. The facilities are the best I have seen in a nursery. He will certainly miss Freshfields very much! Many thanks C.S

* 'Can you please ensure that G and J are aware of just how much of an asset [S and H] are to Freshfields...the atmosphere in Green Room is lovely, they are both such warm and giving people, J has truly flourished in there...A huge thank you.'

*  'I would like to take this opportunity to say what a fabulous environment Freshfields creates made extra special by the wonderful staff that care for the children. We are very sad that E's experience will end soon but are sure that she will take away many wonderful memories along with an abundance of life skills and confidence that she has gained whilst there...It goes without saying that I would heartily recommend Freshfields to all parents who are looking for a wonderful childcare experience for their children. I can't thank you enough'. M.D

*  'We just wanted to say a really big thank you for the fabulous time you've given X. We know he has been loved, cared for and has done so many lovely creative things - you are all amazing...Thanks again - wonderful, wonderful people' V.S

*  'I just wanted to send you a note as I would like it to be acknowledged what an amazing team you have in the baby unit...J has grown into a happy confident little boy...The classroom experience that J received was that of a loving, caring environment with lots of visual stimulation and creative play, J has developed independence along with his communication and social skills too. He was always happy when he was dropped off in the mornings which made it easier for my husband and I going to have a great day! When we would pick him up in the afternoon, the girls would always take the time to have a one to one chat about J's day...Having R and C made my experience of leaving J and returning back to work a pleasurable one, I knew I could ring at any time and be reassured that J was happy and well. They were at all times professional yet kind natured and friendly, I am truly grateful for all that they have done for J, my husband and I' Y.F

*  'Just a note to say a big thankyou - S has really enjoyed his time at Freshfields (and it certainly helped [to make] my life easier workwise!) If we are lucky enough to have another child then Freshfields is the only place we'd consider. Many thanks and good wishes for the future'. G,J & S.W

*  'Thank you for looking after C so well. He is very precious to us and we are very grateful that you have cared for him. At home he says his nursery rhymes to us and counts. We have seen him progress and that brings us great joy. You work very hard and we hope you continue to enjoy your work - childhood memories are long lasting and you would have helped C to have some happy ones. Thank you. G & K.W

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