We offer many exciting activities at Freshfields for all the children that we care for and our outdoor area is no exception. The children can enjoy playing on our pirate ship, imagining they are on the high seas, or be up in the tree house observing a different perspective on the garden.

On another day the children may be visiting our forest school area where they can take part in things like den building, or making tree cookies, or the younger ones may be playing in our log car. Stimulating their senses in the sensory garden is another favourite activity for many of the children, or they may learn how food begins its journey to their plate by planting seeds in the vegetable garden and discovering how all living things need to be cared for and looked after by visiting the animals in the mini-farm.

In addition to all that is available at Freshfields we are also pleased to be able to offer the following extra curricular activities.

Each one has been selected as fun and exciting for the children and also for enriching your child's development and experience at Freshfields nursery.

Freshfields Stratford upon Avon French Classes

French Language Classes


*Due to COVID our extra curricular activities have been temporarily paused*.

French classes are held at Freshfields Nursery for our 3-5 year olds, they are run by Kate Coughlin, part of the La Jolie Ronde organisation.

Founded in 1983, La Jolie Ronde offers a unique, carefully structured and proven language course for children of 3-11 years, to help them excel in French. It is a proven method with a solid underlying structure that enables children to progress year after year. The course is taught to children as an extra curricular activity. It is also taught in hundreds of independent schools within the curriculum.

French incurs an additional charge and is an arrangement purely between the tutor and parent.

Tots Tune Time at Freshfields Nursery School

Tots Tunes Time


*Due to COVID our extra curricular activities have been temporarily paused*.

Tots Tunes is run in age appropriate groups and all the children enjoy the songs and movement provided. Lots of the songs and actions are related to body awareness and exercise, healthy eating and essentials like cleaning teeth!

*We are pleased to be able to offer Tots Tune Time at no additional cost to parents.*

Go 4 Goals at Freshfields School

Go 4 Goals Football Coaching


*Due to COVID our extra curricular activities have been temporarily paused*.

Each Friday morning during term time, children aged 2 and over are able to take part in football coaching, which includes learning basic football skills with a friendly and child-orientated coach.

There is an additional cost for football coaching which is an arrangement between Go4Goals and parents. Freshfields Nursery has no involvement with collection of fees.

Sing and Sign courses at Freshfields Nursery Clifford Chambers Stratford

Sing and Sign


Our staff have recently been trained to do baby signing, otherwise known as Sing and Sign, with the children. From time to time the Sing and Sign tutor comes on site to enhance the understanding and practice of the staff in baby signing.

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