The unique rural location of Freshfields Nursery School provides an excellent setting for our children to learn and play in a safe and healthy environment.

We have constructed our own Mini Farm within the nursery grounds where the children can interact with, and learn about, our resident chickens, in safe and controlled surroundings. They often enjoy going into the chicken coop to collect the eggs, introducing math skills, turn taking and communication and language! We also have rabbits, goats and Welsh sheep within our Mini Farm. The children are also encouraged to help look after the animals, and to begin to develop an understanding of caring for their needs. 

Due to the location of the nursery, the children and staff can enjoy safe countryside walks to watch the surrounding wildlife and animals in their natural environment. One of the favourite walks is along the beautiful Shakespeare way, which runs right past the nursery grounds. Due to COVID outings are currently suspended, but we look forward to resuming this in the near future.

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