Freshfields Nursery School enjoys over an acre of private, walled gardens where our children can benefit from outdoor play in a safe environment. They can explore daily, learning whilst also keeping fit! 

We have an area of the garden designated for 'Forest School' activities which has a campfire and a car made from logs and natural materials.

We have a large range of climbing apparatus to encourage development of the children's gross motor skills. We also have a purpose built Mud Kitchen, tree-house and a pirate ship, all of which provide opportunities for our children to use their imagination in pretend and role play games.

As many children prefer to be outside and learn best when they are, we recognize the importance of providing outdoor classrooms, where we cover the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our playground, used primarily by the 3-5s unit, incorporates numbered parking spots for the trikes and bikes and a board for drawing and writing and in the spring and summer months is home to the tadpoles as the children closely observe them growing and changing. There is also space for 'Parachute' games, which encourage team work. Younger children enjoy 'mark making' with chalks on the patio area and going on listening walks around the garden.

We also utilise an outdoor shed as a role play area and it is currently a workshop where the children have enjoyed mending, fixing and building.

Children love to play sports and we have a variety of equipment such as balls, skittles and hoops for them to enjoy. Football also takes place in the garden or the playground, depending on the time of the year.

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